Monday, November 28, 2011

Client Review

Recent Client Review:

Fun for parents and kids!

Candice hosted a Princess Tea Party for my daughter's 5th birthday yesterday and she was amazing. The moms were impressed and the girls were simply wowed. She made sure every girl felt like a princess - from transforming our living room to an enchanted dream room to letting each girl pick her favorite princess dress on the rolling rack to applying as much or as little make up as the moms were comfortable and simply making each guest feel like a true princess.

The best moment was when our surprise visitor walked in - Sleeping Beauty. One of the 5yr old guests said it best, "wow! you look so real!" lol. To which she said "I am real." The girls truly enjoyed the party and I had a great time working with Candice from planning to completion. She is VERY communicative and professional.

Two Thumps Up and highly recommended!!!

An Impressed Mom.


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